Location: City of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Services Performed:

  • Operational Organization Review
    • Research and design organization chart
    • Review and rewrite of job descriptions if necessary to align with Strategic Plan
    • Facilitate Board workshop
    • Review contract with third party social media/website company – Strong Coffee, determine what can be brought in-house
    • Ensure resources are allocated to focus on key priorities and objectives (short term)
    • Establish a performance review process
    • Engage with staff to discuss skill sets, areas for improvements, workload, recommend training, review deliverables, set goals for performance evaluations (6 month), industry engagement, etc
    • Prioritize and delegate daily workload to staff
  • Industry Engagement
    • Build industry database with support from staff, City and County (CATA)
    • Tour City and County with Tourism representatives to identify assets and potential members
    • Share membership benefits with industry
    • Create Terms of Reference for working groups
    • Conduct site visits with potential members in the three Focus Areas
      • Outdoor Recreation
      • Food Tourism
      • Cultural, Heritage & Arts Tourism
    • Recruit working group members are recommended by the Steering Committee
    • Host stakeholder engagement session with the goal of forming working groups to draft Journey Maps (spring 2020)
  • Rebuild Relations with Key Catalyst Organizations
    • Quarterly reports to City of Red Deer and Red Deer County
    • Review Strategic Plan with Travel Alberta, discuss new grant programs (TRD/CATA), training, etc
    • Meet with representatives from Ministry of Economic Development, Trade & Tourism (EDTT) to identify outstanding grants (TRD/CATA), new programs, deliverables
    • Make application to new funding programs, if available and can be aligned with Strategic Plan
  • Central Alberta Tourism Alliance (CATA)
    • Complete final report to EDTT for TGIF grant
    • Assign staff to take minutes of CATA meetings
    • Attend CATA meetings, contribute to identification of 2020 projects
    • Introduce Tourism Red Deer administration fee (10-12%)
    • Recruit members and invoice CATA membership for 2020, isolate financials from TRD

Project Details:

Tourism Red Deer, along with its partners Red Deer County, industry and regional stakeholders, and the City of Red Deer are intent on moving the Tourism Joint Venture initiative as established in 2019 forward. Joint Venture outcomes have been identified as:

Economic Growth and Diversification – increase year-round visitation, visitor spending and total economic impact from tourism, attract public and private sector investment, and increase awareness, understanding and support of tourism benefits to the city;

Experiences – create new experiences for the target market with an emphasis on culinary, outdoor recreation, arts, culture and heritage for the leisure traveler; and

Environment and Host Communities – establish collaborative relationships between the region’s tourism industry, community leaders, visitors and residents resulting in engaged and active stakeholders while maintaining the integrity and quality of tourism resources.

It is Bell Group’s understanding, that the Tourism Red Deer requires a consultant to assist with the organization’s transition by implementing specific objectives as outlined in the Strategic Plan 2018-2028. Establishing a solid foundation utilizing a destination management approach requires collaboration and partnerships of key catalyst organizations, including all levels of government, the tourism industry, as well as business and community leaders. Bell Group has the credentials and experience to deliver. Tourism Red Deer’s Board of Directors have a vision that will contribute to realizing the destination’s potential. Completing the described scope of work will demonstrate that the organization is on the right track with its core funders and enable recruitment of a highly qualified Executive Director to lead a revitalized Tourism Red Deer more attractive.

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