Current Projects


CLIENT: Quay Property Management
DURATION: Engaged November 2015 – Ongoing
SERVICES: Owners Representative, liaison between city and developer, assist with budget, land use, conceptual design, final design, manage and coordinate all aspects of construction.
REFERENCE: Gary Mathieson, President & CEO
Since November 2015, Bell Group has been engaged with the City of North Vancouver and Quay Property Management to work on the redevelopment of Lot 5-The Shipyards. On behalf of Quay Property Management, Bell Group has played an active role in the Expression of Interest, Request For Proposal, design, budget, Memorandum Of Understanding, team assembly, financials, finance and ongoing development strategy. Bell Group also has a lead role in the remediation of the contaminated site and construction strategy & methodology.
Lot 5-The Shipyards is a development that will combine the reconstruction of a heritage,
steel framed Machine Shop with the construction of a new 4-storey mixed-use
development. Public open space, largely housed under the roof of the Machine Shop
structure, will include an open-air ice rink, water playground, and plaza/patio space that
will support the commercial development. In summer months, the ice rink will be
converted into a public space that will support open-air concerts, markets, etc. The
mixed-use development will include a 70-room boutique hotel, commercial space
including retail, restaurants and cafes on the ground and second floors, and some
community and cultural uses on the upper floors of the building. One level of
underground parking will be provided over the entire site.