About Us

Bell Group has been involved in real estate investment, acquisition, design, process, pre-development, development, and consulting for residential, commercial, industrial and recreational developments since the late 1970s. Our company has also invested extensively in its own real estate activities offering clients unique insight into real estate investment and development.

Since 2011, real estate strategy consulting has been Bell Group’s primary business. Our range of services includes conflict resolution, negotiations, scripting contracts, client relations, and assisting with business development. We also work with all levels of Government. We challenge government on behalf of clients, and we also assist government with streamlining their processes and create long-term economic development strategies and partnerships.

Bell Group works with domestic and international clientele, consulting for both public and private sectors. Our roles, though quite varied, have one common goal: connecting the community’s or client’s vision with private investment partners. To establish a sustainable and prosperous partnership, Bell Group works to move the vision forward by providing detailed and accurate economic development data to attract investors. Often, Area Structure Plans, Land Use Bylaws and Definitions need to be reviewed, updated and augmented, to ensure that they meet current market demands, trends and best use. When required, Bell Group will write an Economic Development Brochure specific to the region for a selective target: the real estate investment community. In 2015, we produced an award-winning Economic Development Brochure for the County of Grande Prairie.