Our Team

dale ps

Dale Bellavance Principal, Senior Consultant

Dale has over 40 years of senior management and entrepreneurial
experience in a wide variety of mid-large scale recreational, residential,
commercial, and industrial projects. Comfortable in government offices, the
boardroom, or in the field, Dale has an extensive background in sales and
marketing and has received international recognition throughout
Canada/North and South America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.
Throughout his career, Dale has successfully worked with various types of
financial institutions, local and offshore investors, stakeholders, and
shareholders. He has played a lead role in negotiating with governments,
investors, communities, special interest groups, and First Nations.
Dale uses his wide range of international experience to integrate new
technologies and concepts into on-going projects. He oversaw the design
and development of three oceanfront tourist destinations in Mexico,
working with private investors and the Tourism Department of the Federal
Government of Mexico. Dale has also played an active role as a Financial
Officer with Gulf International Minerals in the raising of capital for the early
stages of hard rock gold mining exploration in Tajikistan.
In the early 90s, Dale was Principal, President and CEO of a new lighting
technology company. Working with the National Research Council of
Canada and the University of Victoria, the company eventually
manufactured and shipped the product to the United States, Brazil, Japan,
China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia and South Korea. Furthermore, Dale
currently sits on the board of directors of a start-up energy company,
Empire Hydrogen Energy Systems Inc.; a company that manufactures
hydrogen generators for internal combustion engines. This modern product
reduces fuel consumption, wear and tear on engine components and
virtually eliminates all polluting exhaust gases. Projects such as these highlight the value Dale Bellavance places on green and sustainable development initiatives.