Location: County of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Project Value:  $1.2B

Services Performed:

  • Development of Economic Development Brochures
  • Retail / commercial multi-Family investment attraction
  • Land Use and Definition review & recommendations
  • Networking
  • Land Use Planning
  • Clairmont Heights Community Master Plan and LUB
  • Updated Clairmont Heights Community Master Plan and LUB
  • Bulk Form Design
  • Growth Forecast
  • Project and content manager of investment attraction video

Project Details: ​

In October 2014, Bell Group was engaged by the County of Grande Prairie to promote real estate investment opportunities in the commercial/retail & multi-family sectors. A full review of existing Land Use Bylaws and Definitions was initially conducted, and improvements were recommended. In addition to this, Bell Group created several new draft Land Use Bylaws and several new Definitions. They were all adopted by council. Bell Group continues to introduce new Investors, Developers, Landlords, Hoteliers, Restaurateurs, and Franchisees & Tenants to the opportunities within the county. To date, over 120 new contacts have been made, and investment has been achieved.

Through the course of 2015, Bell Group co-hosted, with the County of Grande Prairie, two economic business development summits. Over the last several years, Bell Group has co-attended ICSC Conventions with Christopher King, Economic Development Manager, to represent the County of Grande Prairie. Prior to attending the convention, Bell Group pre-screens all attendees to determine the value in meeting and discussing the opportunities within the County and to maximize overall time and efficiency.

In early 2015, Bell Group wrote an Economic Development Brochure highlighting the County and, in that same year, the brochure was honored with the top prize at the EDAC annual conference. Bell Group has also completed brand an Economic Development Business Brochure for the proposed Clairmont Heights. Bell Group has also assisted with the bulk form design of the proposed town core of Clairmont Heights and has attended a real estate expo in Europe in 2017 to promote the Clairmont Heights Mega Project.

Clairmont Heights will be developed on 2 sq miles of green field over the next 15 to 20 years with an expected population of 15-20,000 residents. The town core itself will have 1.4 million sqft. of high density, residential, and 550,000 sqft. of commercial/retail on just over 58 acres of land. With an estimated hard construction cost of $1.2B CDN.

Bell Group has most recently introduced a strong European investment group to the opportunities within the County as well as the newly formed Tri Municipal Investment Partnership. Arranging for Mr. King and Dale Bellavance to meet with the group in Vancouver, BC and present the opportunities.

Investment Attraction Video
Bell Group helped the Town of Sylvan Lake develop this video, among other items, as a vehicle to attract private investment into Sylvan Lake.

Economic Business Development Summit
Bell Group developed and implemented an Economic Business Development Summit on behalf of Sylvan Lake as a way to gather potential investors and showcase the visions for Sylvan Lake.


Bell Group provided excellent advice and guidance to the County of Grande Prairie as we developed Clairmont Heights. Bell Group provided a lens to guide policy and planning to ensure that the County of Grande Prairie is supporting investment decisions rather than hindering them with policies, bylaws and regulations that are unnecessary or that create uncertainty for investment.

Chris King, Economic Development Manager – County of Grande Prairie

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